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Subject:How To Date A Babe
Time:01:40 pm

Women made simple.


We want you to pick us up, honestly. So here’s a journal on how to get in our pants.


This journal updates on Mondays with new articles on getting laid and common mistakes guys are making that’s keeping them from getting laid.


It’s written by a 20-something woman who is REALLY sick of guys fumbling the ball.


Add me, you know you want need to.

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Subject:Dateless, cold and sometimes composed
Time:01:01 pm
My datetard profile:

When I get dates they seem to go well, but I have long drought periods. It haven't had a successful long term relationship since 2003 and that was the death of one of 6 years. I also must note that I have only been jilted twice since 2003 and I have returned that in kind. I never really "broke" up; I just restated that I was not ready for anything serious, though I enjoyed the company. What happens after that is, they return to an old boyfriend or get discouraged and resume their search elsewhere.

My ideal age, in a rational, utilitarian "place in life" sort of strat, would be 25-35, or the "young professional" age. I've never been with someone over 27 and the majority of my dates have been with 19-25 year olds. I abhor the concept of "young professionals". It sounds like a Brave New World (Huxley) term for the indoctrinated. I really don't care about age, but it's easier to mix lifestyles when the schedules are similar.

For privacy reasons, I don't offer too many vitals here; too easy for employers and others to search and ponder my rants. Suffice it to say, I am in the lower half of my thirties, but I still get carded for alcohol and sometimes, cigarettes, when I sometimes smoke. I have the Ralp Machio disease. He was probably 40 when he made the "Karate Kid" but looked 12.

Meeting place favorites:
Colleges -I've been out of college since 1996, but plan to return for masters work. I don't allude to keggers. I like academia and artistic pursuit as the trappings for finding enjoyable company. The artistic comraderie in college is seldom found in the real world. It's now extremes: snooty art shows for the new aristocrats and their commissions, or agenda laden rainbow coalition modernists who are just as snooty in their own regards. I miss the TRUE romantics and aesthetes who pursue beauty in form for it's own sake. Not art as a tool for social agendas or status.

Bookstores -
I've actually been hoping to start working at one part time; again. I'm not a predator or opportunist. It's a fun way to invest 15-18 hours a week making spending money and meeting people. I've had no luck with meeting someone as a "patron" and as a partron, I have to spend money.

I can be charming, but I haven't found the right place and time to meet someone I'd like to charm. I'm also shy about approaching attractive strangers in bookstores. Case in point: Really cute woman in Borders, casually dressed for Fall (mid 90s fall), sweater and modest jeans, age hard to determine, could have been 22-30. She really caught my eye as someone who is gorgeous, but has not discovered that for herself. Sorta resembled a more homely and "geeky" looking Leelee Sobieski.

We were both doing a little circle dance in the Rockmusic section and I guess we both sorta wimped out.

I may be asking the blind to lead the blind. What is the best way to meet someone date worthy?
Worth comes from knowing that the 2 will enjoy eachother's company and that the relationship can develop purpose and longevity.
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Subject:Writing a book...
Time:09:28 pm
Hello all.. I hope this is ok for this community, if not I will promptly remove.
I need help, input, feedback and advice.
The following is a collaborative between mainly myself and a friend of mine.
We're aiming to write a book to help men figure out just what the hell to do with women.
I am calling on you (women) to help us out. I am sure we missed some important things, so feel free to let us know here. I think we’re covering the basics with 3 main sections. Physical, Sexual and Emotional. Each one of those are broken down into sub categories.
Today, we covered physical.

Click here to read more...Collapse )
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Subject:hi I'm new!
Time:06:05 pm
Hi I am Victoria and just joined! You: Hi Victoria!!! Well I am I say a datetard. I have never really been into the hole liking people, stuff like that. I sadly went out with people just because I wanted to be on the same level as every one else was. I am still not much into dating (don't plan on doing it much in the furtur any way) BUT something happen today and it's brothering me.

Today I was at my local library, I asked the librarian to do something, wail I was waiting, some guy (which had a hard time hearing) says "hi"! He ask me my name, I gave him my nick name (VTECH!!) He asked if I was around here, I said "I guess you can say that yea not far". Since I live in a area where there is a lot of immigrants he asked I was from any where, I tell him Amsterdam. Then I got my information and I am trying to go home. He said he was new around the area but not country and he kept saying he wanted to talk to me (he was waiting for a computer) and I kept saying I have to go. Then he asked my number and I said no and just lefted. I did not go home I went to video store.

So my question is, was he some sick bastard who wanted to get into my paints or was he just some guy who liked me? He seemed like he was 16 or 17 or 18. Clean and I was in the library for a bit.

I have been harrsed once before on the street and that was NOT some friendly "Hey I like you" guy.

Was I being paranoid with this boy or did I do the right thing? AM I that insecure? I am extremely when it comes to cloths.
I know nothing with the flirting thing or dating or sex. I feel lost.
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Subject:Where do I meet people?
Time:11:28 pm
The only place in which I could ever meet anyone was in school, but I graduated last year. In that time, i've spent a little time with my few friends, but with no one else. I kinda have this longing to at least meet someone, and try out dating.

Oh, have I mentioned that I've never been in a romantic situation before, and haven't even been kissed yet?

So, just give me some general tips on what to do, and where to go to meet people (either girls, or just friends of either gender). I'm really clueless.

Oh, and would there be anyone in guelph or the surrounding area willing to give me a try? :wonder:
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Time:12:45 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
hey all i'm a new member and my name is Shannon.

I have a predicament that I don't quite know how to follow up on. There's a library here that I go to quite frequently and the girl that puts the books away (the library page) has caught my eye. I want to present myself to her, but every time I try to go for it, I end up freezing and not doing anything. I tried to play it smooth today by looking at the books on her little cart thing, but that kinda failed miserably. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can become more flirting savvy to attain my goal here? Thanks.
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Time:05:37 pm
Is it all right if I submit a not necessarily flattering dating profile for an eternally dateless friend? He is certainly socially unskilled and Read more...Collapse )
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Time:10:29 pm
I am making a site for us who have had crazy or weird or plain simply horrible online dating experiences.. I need your input, and feel free to post your own stories!

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Current Music:Bright Eyes - The Big Picture
Subject:The crickets chirp
Time:02:20 am
Current Mood:Bamboozled
No posting in a while, eh. No bigggie...I'm eternally confused and bamboozled when it comes to stuff like this.

Ok, so, I get this email thing for guys about dating, and for the most part it always sums up into one point, which will be clearly illustrated in this next cut.

WTF, Mate?!Collapse )

So, give it a read, and tell me what you make of it. Ladies especially. But yeah, any viewpoint is welcome.
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Time:11:25 am
Attention all dudes! Lord knows we've all been faced with the problem of having TOO MANY damn women all over us...all the time! It's a tough life, being so attractive that the ladies flock to you like bees on a dumpster. It's exhausting, depressing, and degrading. But finally... your prayers have been answered!

How to be Loathsomely Repellent to Women

Get the dames to leave you the hell alone, once and for all!
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[icon] The Datetarded
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