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Subject:The crickets chirp
Time:02:20 am
Current Mood:Bamboozled
No posting in a while, eh. No bigggie...I'm eternally confused and bamboozled when it comes to stuff like this.

Ok, so, I get this email thing for guys about dating, and for the most part it always sums up into one point, which will be clearly illustrated in this next cut.

I'm going to ask YOU a question...

WHY are you BEING nice in the FIRST place?

Right, right.

It's because you WANT something.

"Oh, no", you argue...

"It's because I'm a NICE GUY."

Or maybe you think that you were born this way... to be "nice".

Or maybe you've even convinced yourself that it's the "right" thing to do.

Well, it's really pretty funny that the answer is staring you right in the face.

You keep proving to yourself over and over and OVER again that NICE DOESN'T WORK.

By the way, I love it when guys write in to me and say "I don't want to use the things you teach because I don't like the idea of MANIPULATING women".

Then I ask "Do you buy women dinner, or take them out?".

Of course, the answer is always "Yes".

I ask "Why?".

But I already know the answer...


Yep. And then the same guy says "Yea, but THAT'S DIFFERENT".

OK, before I get too far off track here, let's just summarize and say that it is EASY to be "too nice".

And it REALLY screws up your chances with women when you are.

Women are NEVER attracted to WUSSIES.

"Overly nice" equals "Wussy".

Remember that.

So, give it a read, and tell me what you make of it. Ladies especially. But yeah, any viewpoint is welcome.
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Time:2004-03-09 08:38 am (UTC)
i was in the middle of long winded response but then i was like, "hey, i can sum this up in two words: utter crap."
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Time:2004-03-09 01:23 pm (UTC)
And here we come to Kant and motives. :p

What if, in doing something nice with and for someone you like, it's for the purpose of simply spending that time with them? Are we so far gone on a social level that we've forgotten what a relationship is about? Well, actually, I guess that answer's staring us all in the face.

Sure, you can be "too nice" in a really fake way, but I'm willing to bet that -that- is what's going to turn a woman away. That is, being fake, not being nice. The author of that email is making the assumption about the motive. This doesn't make it fact. All it does is serve to make the rest of the argument weak when brought to the surface as being what it is: a tunnel-visioned opinion.
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Time:2004-03-13 09:22 am (UTC)
What the dude should've said was some girls don't like overly nice guys. See guys have the tendency to think that girls like the same kinda guy. They would be suprised by how many girls tastes differed.
A lot of girls like the sensitive but tough guy, while the slight majority of girls like the headstrong guys who are emotionally retarded.The dude can't say that all girls don't like overly nice girls.Saying that makes him look stupid in my eyes.
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